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Pills arranger for each day with times for medical safety

Medication management often becomes more difficult as we get older, due to the increasing number of medications we take, with various schedules.

Pharmacist with senior couple in pharmacy helping with medication safety

Your pharmacist can be a great tool when it comes to medication safety

Medication management is key to medication safety. Forgetting a medication dose or taking the wrong dose can threaten both health and quality of life. It is imperative to develop a safe, effective system for organizing and identifying medications.
As our list of medications grow, the number of times per day we have to remember to take medications multiplies. This can lead to stress, having to constantly think about our medications or worrying about missing a dose. We may also have medications that have similar sounding names, shape, size or color.

General Tips:

  • Use a pill box or med minder to organize pills and keep them on schedule
  • Ask for large print labels from pharmacy
  • Use stickers or markers on the bottle or lid to easily identify meds and when to take them
  • Use colored rubber bands to differentiate bottles
  • Keep all medications together and secured so that they cannot be accidently taken by the wrong person
  • Provide family members and health care providers with an up-to-date list of medications (including all over-the-counter medications, vitamins or dietary supplements) in case of emergency or adverse reaction

It is important to know the names of your drugs, how to properly use the medication and what each drug treats. Read and follow all directions on the pharmacy label.