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CompassionCare Hospice Frequently Asked Questions

“Hospice means giving up hope.”

Not at all. Hospice provides hope — by giving patients a chance to live their lives without being debilitated by pain and exhausted by unnecessary medical treatments, and by giving caregivers the support they need. So each can more fully enjoy the time they have left with their loved ones.

“Patients must be bedridden to qualify for hospice.”

Those with life-limiting illnesses may never be able to do some of the things they once did. But hospice is founded on the idea that, with proper pain and symptom management, patients can enjoy a much better quality of life.

“Hospice care runs out after six months.”

This misconception arises from Medicare hospice guidelines, which state that a hospice patient must be certified as having six months or less to live if the disease progresses as expected. However, with hospice support people may live beyond this expectation, and can continue to receive hospice services indefinitely, as long as they continue to meet medical criteria.

Hospice nurses and other health care professionals provide support and are always available by phone. But a family member usually sees to the patient’s routine care, including help with taking medications.

However, one level of hospice care — called crisis care — brings skilled care to the patient’s home as needed. To learn more about the levels of care, please schedule a consultation with us here at CompassionCare Hospice.

“Hospice patients can’t resume traditional medical care.”

Hospice is a choice, and patients who choose hospice care can always choose to seek aggressive treatments again, if desired. Hospice is not just a onetime benefit. A patient may qualify and choose hospice support and then improve or decide to seek aggressive treatment, and revoke their hospice benefit. At a later date they may need hospice support again and can resume services, as long as they meet criteria.

“Hospice is a place you go to pass away.”

Hospice is actually a concept of care focused on palliative or comfort care managing symptoms. Hospice is a service rather than a place you go. Hospice services are provided wherever a person calls home. Private residence, assisted living , skilled nursing facility, and group home settings.

“Hospice patients are doped up on pain medications.”

Hospice staff are experts in pain management, and our goal at CompassionCare Hospice is to ensure that patient is as comfortable as possible without being over medicated. Our patients are involved directly in their plan of care and addressing pain issues working closely with their physician and nurse.

*Life Limiting Illness: No Disease restrictions.